Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. Nibsc logo | hpa logo | login | my account | shopping basket | careers | sitemap | accessibility | cookie information enter a search term about us products services science spotlight partners contact   home page > science > diagnostics > genomic reference materials > hnpcc (lynch syndrome) hnpcc (lynch syndrome)   return to previous page | hnpcc/lynch syndrome code description 11/218 mlh1/msh2 exon copy number reference panel                                                               hnpcc/lynch syndrome   hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (hnpcc; lynch syndrome) accounts for more than 1% of colorectal cancers, with prevalence in the order of 1:3000. buy viagra canada It is known to be caused by defects in one of several dna mismatch repair genes: msh2, msh6, pms1, mlh1, msh3, and pms2. viagra plus fort que viagra Awareness of the inherited predisposition is key to survival; the familial nature of the disease makes it important for relatives of affected individuals to be diagnosed. generic viagra without prescription Most mutations causing hnpcc are point mutations or small insertions or deletions; these are easily detected by mutation detection methods or dna sequencing. can you buy viagra las vegas However, a significant percentage of the hnpcc-associated mutations are deletions/duplications of one or more exons in mlh1 and msh2. Mutations in which whole exons are deleted or duplicated are more difficult to detect and appropriate technology has only recently become available, including multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (mlpa). lisinopril interactions viagra Mlpa is a multiplex pcr method which simultaneously detects copy number changes across multiple dna sequences within one sample.   in any genetic diagnostic laboratory, it is necessary that hnpcc genotyping assays are robust and controlled. viagra canada Both positive and negative controls should be included to demonstrate the performance of the assay and the absence of contamination, respectively.         mlh1/msh2 exon copy number reference panel   the mlh1/msh2 exon copy number reference panel is intended as single-use controls in dna-based hnpcc genotyping using mlpa technology for mlh1 and msh2. viagra plus fort que viagra Mutations in other hnpcc-associated genes are not represented; not all common mutations in mlh1 and msh2 may be represented; customer feedback on genetic coverage is welcomed. viagra discount   the panel is classified as an ivd and is suitable for in vitro diagnostic use in europe. viagra plus fort que viagra The materials are intended to act as a test of assay function, for validating diagnostics. We are not aware of any other certified genomic reference materials available for the genotyping of mutations in mlh1 or msh2. viagra cost   the panel comprises seven liquid human genomic dna materials derived from cell lines (table below), providing controls for mutations in mlh1 and msh2. viagra online Each panel contains genomic dna materials in screw-capped 0. 5 ml tubes at approximate concentration cardinal ng/µl in approximate 50 µl volumes. The panel requires storage at -70oc.

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